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Binding Services from a Green Printer

At Seeds Green Printing, we guarantee that when your finished green printing product comes off the binding line, it will meet the highest standard of quality. Hand inspection ensures your satisfaction.

We have experience with a wide variety of binding styles to produce superior-quality books, catalogs, magazines, pocket folders, specialty box cartons, custom direct mailers, posters, and more. From simple to complex, we will take care of the most demanding of your post-press needs.

Binding Services, Styles and Capabilities

  • Saddle-stitched books, catalogs, brochures, and magazines (eco- and environmentally-friendly printing)
  • Perfect-bound green books, catalogs, and magazines
  • PUR adhesive binding
  • Case-in products including software slipcases, books, reference manuals, and textbooks
  • Sewn books (both Smyth sewn and hand stitched)
  • Wire-O® bound journals and brochures (mechanical binding)
  • 100%-recycled-plastic coil binding (mechanical binding)


Saddle Stitching

Saddle stitching is a booklet-binding method that inserts one folded signature into another, and then fastens the signatures with wires through the center fold of the gathered signatures. A saddle-stitched booklet may be self-covered (with a cover that is the same paper stock as the text), or it may have a separate cover of a heavier paper stock.

Perfect Binding

Perfect binding is a soft-cover binding method that involves applying adhesive to the spine of a book and attaching the soft cover to it.

PUR Adhesive Binding

PUR adhesive binding provides superior binding for thick books and products requiring more flexible alternatives to standard perfect-bound products.

Case Binding

Better known as “hard cover,” case binding is an excellent choice for books that have a large page count and for reference, trade, textbooks, and photography books that tend to have a long life expectancy and receive heavy use.

Smyth Sewing

Among the most durable binding styles, smyth sewing involves sewing small threads between all the signatures of the block. The sewn block is then glued to a cover or case. The interwoven threads, in combination with the binding adhesive, create a super-strong and durable bind, making Smyth sewing ideal for books that will be used for years or that will receive heavy handling.

Mechanical Binding

We offer two mechanical-binding options: Wire-O® binding, and recycled-plastic coil. Both are economic and attractive binding solutions for short-run specialty manuals and booklets.

Also known as double-loop binding, Wire-O binding uses pre-formed wire loops that are bound in pairs down the spine of a book. Wire-O books lay flat and can be folded 360 degrees for single-hand use. Attractive, sturdy, and available in many colors, including special Pantone colors, Wire-O binding can support a variety of paper stock, weights, and page sizes. With this choice of binding, additional features can include special foldout sections, pockets, indexed tabs, and die cuts. Partial or fully concealed cover options make Wire-O binding a versatile choice.

100%-recycled-plastic coil binding involves drilling the book block vertically with a series of small holes and then running a coil of recycled-plastic binding material along the spine. Like other mechanical binding styles, plastic coil binding allows a book to lay flat and to be folded back on itself 360 degrees.

Extra Services from a Green Printer

Die Cutting

Using die cutting, we can create intricate designs and shapes for items such as specialty packaging, box inserts, product wrappers, displays, card decks, pocket folders, and CD sleeves.

Foil Stamping/Embossing

With foil stamping and embossing, we can create special effects that often are not possible on the printing press or with specialty papers.  Foil stamping and embossing can be more cost effective than metallic papers are, and they are more environmentally friendly than highly volatile organic-compound coatings are. They add superior impact to your end product, with a smaller environmental footprint.

Index Tabbing and Scoring

Adding index tabbing to your bound product is an excellent way to make any binding more user-friendly. Multiple tabs are used to organize information, sections, or product categories. The tabs themselves can be reinforced at both the spine edge and the tab area to ensure extra shelf life for heavily used manuals and reference documents. Scoring can also be added to allow the tabs to be folded into the book for shipping and distribution.

Specialty Folding

Special folding can be used as a design element that makes printed products more versatile, functional, or creative. Gate folding is one such style that can produce a 6- or 8-page folder piece. The left or right panel is folded in on the facing page to create a double page spread. Roll folding, which is more commonly know as a “roll” or “barrel” fold, has a folding sequence in which each succeeding panel reveals another part of the product as the piece is opened. Accordion folding involves multiple folds, each made in the opposite direction of the preceding fold.

All folds offer versatile applications for projects such as brochures, maps, direct mailers, self mailers, transportation schedules, catalog and book covers, center-spread foldouts, credit card applications, and financial prospectuses.


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