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We Support

We Support

Seeds Green Printing supports the following eco-friendly green organizations:

The Fruit Tree Planting Foundation
“Planting fruit trees for a healthier planet”

Common Vision
“Planting the future”

Penn Future
“Every environmental victory grows the economy”

Natural Resources Defense Council
“The Earth’s best defense”

Rainforest Alliance
“Innovative solutions for global conservation”
“Adopt a rainforest”
$25 protects one-quarter of an acre
$50 protects half of an acre
$100 protects one acre


Environmental Defense

“Finding the ways that work”

The Ocean Conservancy
“Advocating for wild, healthy oceans”

Save-the-Redwoods League
“Protecting over 177,000 acres of ancient forests since 1918”

Sierra Club
“Explore, enjoy and protect the planet”

American Rivers
“Bringing rivers to life”

Sequoia Forest Keeper
“Adopt a giant sequoia”

World Wildlife
“Adopt an endangered species”
“North America Forest & Trade Network (NA-FTN)”


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